Call Recording - a versatile tool, essential for survival 


Many a Swiss Army knife is purchased for the useful main blade. Later on the owner may discover the various attachments and tools and put them to good use too.

In the same way, a good quality call recording solution provides many additional applications and benefits. Here are just a few of the many benefits a call recording solution can provide to your business.

Train staff, improve performance - Nowadays every sales enquiry is worth its weight in gold. Trained staff means higher conversion rates and improved performance.

Protect reputations, resolve disputes - Call recording can assist trainers to coach staff and achieve better results through improved monitoring and feedback.

Stay compliant - FCA regulations and directives, new MiFID rules on record keeping, new ICOB directives for insurance claims handling. These days non-compliance is not an option. Storacall’s intelligent call recording will help your business meet compliance and industry regulations.

Protect from internal threats -Monitoring internal calls and establishing an audit trail is vital as a deterrent against fraud and theft from internal systems.

Retrieve information quickly - For any business, the ability to retrieve critical information quickly is a must. Storacall’s call recording allows you to retrieve calls as quickly and easily as you do with emails.

It may be that you have an existing call recorder in place that doesn’t offer these additional features. In this case, a Storacall call recorder could either sit alongside your existing system, or perhaps replace it, enabling your employees and your business to start benefiting straight away.

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