New call recording solution for the legal profession - regulatory compliance, verification, evidential support & protection

Call recording for verification

The new Storacall-ST call recording systems is ideal for situations where a permanent record of telephone conversations is needed. the ability to verify and prove who said what, when and to whom is vital to protecting legal practices, safeguarding reputations and saving time and money when dealing with disputes. Whilst many legal services providers involved in mortgage arrears and other FCA regulated activities are required to record calls for mandatory compliance, other firms monitor and use recordings for training staff, protecting reputation, evidential support, process and efficiency gains or analysis to improve the customer experience.

The new Storacall ST call recorder is suitable for organisations of any size across multiple sites and blends of telephony. It is a highly featured, cost effective and reliable recording solution with a true web-based interface so users simply require a browser and the appropriate security password to access all aspects of the system including call recording playback, reporting and configuration. 

Storacall ST is very versatile and supports recording of analogue trunks / extensions, IP trunks, SIP trunks, Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, Hosted VoIP and the majority of digital, IP and SIP handsets as well as integrating with a wide range of PBXs, It also offers hosted, cloud and radio recording. This flexibility allows for the creation of hybrid systems combining any mixture of these technologies. 

Storacall ST uses advanced voice compression technology minimizing archive storage the advanced design allows users to search, retrieve and playback calls with impressive simplicity and speed. Searches can be made across a network or the using date, time, channel, user name or extension, call duration, CLI, dialled digits, notes and many more. saved searches allow users to create templates for easy call search and playback. Once a call has been located it can easily be saved as a file for delivery by e-mail.

Storacall ST also features call and password encryption, flexible call archiving policies, full API integration, notes fields, full audit trail, automatic system health checks, heartbeat monitoring, business units and groups, customisable user profiles, customisable security settings, export & email search results and search templates. 

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